Hej och välkomna till MayaLee Photography!

My clothes

Can you guess what my favorite color is…? ;-)

[Photo: MayaLee Photography]

2 kommentarer:

this blessed nest sa...


i found you thru your flickr photos of your playhouse. the playhouse & decor are simply amazing. i can't get over all the detail. wow.

i would love to share & link it back to you on my blog some time soon, if that's okay.

i have huge crushes on playrooms!

this blessed nest sa...

hi. me again.

i knew i had seen some of your images before! i am a big fan of cookie mag. you've gone big time. now i'm laughing at my previous request to feature your playhouse on my little blog. too funny.

anyways, your photography is stunning and your style is lovely & whimsy all at the same time. i am a huge fan of whimsy.

alright, enough said for now. just wanting to share my delight in viewing your blog.

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