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Playhouse tour

We aren’t ready yet in the playhouse, a little kitchen corner is the next thing on the list to be done. But Maya has been playing there all weekend. And the favourite spot is the cosy corner. I’m going to sew some more pillows so it is going to be even cosier in there!

The frames are finally up at the wall in the playhouse!

Maya is resting in her cosy corner after playing all day.

Typical Swedish “fika” (coffee break).

Embroidered towel-rail cover. The old basket they used for the laundry in the old days and it also was used as a bed for small children and babies. These two things I found at the local flea market.

[Photos: MayaLee]

5 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Gud vilken drömlekstuga!
När kommer du och fixar våran då?


Moa sa...

Åh, helt underbart!! Vilken inspiration...

Karin sa...

Får jag komma och bo hos er?? :D Tycker speciellt mycket om tavlorna som sagt, de där ramarna är underbara!

B-M sa...

Åhh, så fint hon får i lekstugan! :-) Förstår att hon är där mest hela tiden. Kram

spearmintdecor sa...

we would love to feature Maya's room on www.spearmintbaby.com. if you are interested we would also be happy to link your blog and Etsy store.
let us know :))

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