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Bad blogger

I have not blogged for a week! And the reason for that is that I have been working my butt off! I have been photographing a bunch of people, both children and grown ups. And taking care of my little Etsy business. I have been to my local printer, packaging Christmas cards, editing pictures and manage to squeeze in a visit to the Stockholm Photo Fair. Here are a few links to some great photographers that had exhibitions at the fair:
Peter Eriksson
Brutus Östling
Emilia Bergmark–Jiménez
Anders Petersen
Matilda Lindeblad
Thron Ullberg
Annika Aschberg
Tim Flach

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1 kommentar:

A home far away sa...

Men hej vilken fin blogg jag hittade här, ska genast titta vidare i den!

Ha en fin dag!
Kram Gunilla i Singapore

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